Meet the Author

Jim Karantonis

Jim Karantonis is a former Army Medic, social justice activist, writer, and performer. He served as a psychiatric specialist during the Vietnam War and went on to a career advocating for civil rights. Jim had the privilege of working closely with Coretta Scott King. She entrusted him with directing the federal office in D.C. for the 1st National Holiday honoring Martin Luther King, Jr.

After the holiday, Jim established the Freedom Trail Project to teach the Principles and Steps for Nonviolent Social Change espoused by Dr. King. Jim founded Human Relations and Communications, Inc. and as a presenter delivered “Entertainment with a Message” to address the difficult issues of racial and gender discrimination. His first short story, “A Crazy 8’s Christmas,” won the Spotlight Award from New York’s Slice Magazine. As a writer and performer, Jim has been showcased in the Stoop Storytelling Series and on Baltimore’s public radio station WYPR.

His first book, Crazy 8’s: Soldiers Still is available for purchase and is on AmazonBarnes & Noble, and Black Rose Writing.

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